Although we haven’t had a beautiful white Christmas here in Ohio for years, there is something very magical about a white Christmas.

When I think about snow tipped forests with rich green fir pine trees, warm wood textures and all of the cute forest creatures, I decided to create a woodlands themed Christmas tree with these inspirations in mind.  I purchased this tree from a local selling wall for ten dollars!  I flocked it myself which saved a good amount of money (that’s another post altogether).

Christmas Tree Woodlands

Our Woodlands Christmas tree theme creates a warm and wintery feel that brings all the magic of a white Christmas alive.  Adding a bit of playfulness with our friendly forest creatures and natural elements from the my favorite hobby store.  I’m still looking for the perfect tree skirt.

Perched at the top is the big gorgeous owl.  You could say he’s the king of the woodlands Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Woodlands

I used deer, squirrels, owls, red birds, snow birds, foxes, glittery antlers, snowballs, rustic textures, acorns and pine cones, snow tipped floral branches, rustic bird houses, snowmen, dripping icicle ornaments and natural earthy tones.   It brings back my childhood imagination, building my own enchanted forest.

This is where I like to do most of my blogging.  A warm fire, glass of wine (or tea, tonite) and the glow of the soft white lights is inspiring.

Christmas Tree Woodlands

Behind the sofa are a couple of rustic reindeer.  They are safely up on the table this year so that my Yorkie, Louie, doesn’t nibble at them.

Read more about my sitting room makeover “before” here!

Christmas Tree Woodlands

Happy Holidays, and as always, I hope you are inspired.

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic