LOOK OUT! There’s a witch silhouette lighting the way in our front yard!

I love Halloween and I was inspired to create something we could enjoy for years to come. My witch is life sized and measures four foot wide and six foot tall. Here is how I did it!

You will need a 4×8 sheet of half inch or less, plywood. I picked up a sheet for $14.98 at Home Depot. I had them cut two foot off of the height, making it 4×6, and much easier to get home. (keep the extra for the cat cut outs)

Witch Sihlouette DIY

I printed a witch onto a clear sheet of paper to use on a projector. I adjusted the projected witch onto the plywood so that she took up as much of the plywood as possible, making her life sized.  With a black sharpie, I traced the projected outline of the witch onto the plywood.Witch Sihlouette DIY

I used a hand held jig saw to cut out her out, then carefully sanded the edges to clean them up a bit and make them smoother.

Witch Sihlouette DIY

Now I’m seeing her come to life!  It only took me about twenty minutes to cut her out.  It helps to make sure your jig-saw has a new blade before you begin.

Witch Sihlouette DIY

I used a small paint roller (aka hot dog roller) and painted both sides flat black, making sure all of the edges were nicely coated with paint.Witch Sihlouette DIY

To make her stand upright, I attached a five foot conduit to the back of her using copper straps from the hardware store. Leave about a foot overhang so that you can drive it into the ground which will allow her to stand upright.

I loved how she looked during the day, but wanted to make her stand out at night as well.  To make this possible, I used one box of orange lights (purple would be awesome too) and attached the lights to the back of her using small clips from the hardware store. This creates an effect that allows her outline to be visible at night.

Witch Sihlouette DIY

It’s a good idea to reinforce her arms with a steel plate just to give them some extra strength.

I used one of the copper straps as my hook for the lantern. I bought a fake candle at Hobby Lobby that has a five hour timer. I also plugged the orange back-lights into a timer as well and set it for five hours so that they both turn on and off at the same time each day. I screwed a one inch copper strap to the opposite arm so that my broomstick (dollar store) would slide right into it.


I cut out a sitting cat and a scary cat from the extra plywood left over from the witch. I painted them flat black and attached conduit to the back of them so that they to could stand upright, allowing about eight inches to go into the ground.

Witch Sihlouette DIY

You can purchase the witch pattern here for $10.  Included is a traceable life sized paper pattern to use if you don’t have a projector, and a witch outline pattern to print on clear paper for a projector. (both are included in your download).



I love the way she turned out!  I hope you are inspired!   Jeanne…The Practical Fanatic