This is a little project I have put off for way too long, two years actually but who’s counting!  It’s a simple lighting of the nook project that would really not take more than a half an hour or so.  So finally, I got started.

This little area is the nook in my master bedroom.  The bench is also storage and the seat lifts up.  My daughter loves to read here so I thought about a light fixture that would be moveable.Nook Lighting Project

It’s a pretty straight forward light fixture job.  Three wires, a white (neutral), black (current), and copper (ground.)

Nook Lighting Project

Here is the light with an adjustable arm and a turn switch with a matte black finish and rod iron look.

Nook Lighting Project

Before you start, always turn the electric to the fixture off if you don’t want to chance getting shocked!  I tend to not turn it off and luckily, haven’t been shocked in a long time!Nook Lighting Project

Installing the bracket that will hold light, then I’ll wire the black wires together, the white and finally the copper ground wire.Nook Lighting Project

Got my handy case of different screws to get the job done!Nook Lighting Project

This light has a switch at the fixture and it’s so much better than a pull chain.

Nook Lighting Project

After I got it wired and on the wall, I was able to adjust the arm of the fixture.

Nook Lighting Project

It didn’t take her long to plop down to read a book!

Nook Lighting Project

I hope you are inspired!

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic