I have an old pine box that was just begging for some attention.  I knew I wanted to add a graphic so I decided to use a technique I had often read about but never tried…the wax paper transfer technique.


Supplies I used:  Wax paper (you can also use freezer paper), an ink jet printer,a credit card, tape, scissors and object you want to transfer to.  box2
By slightly wetting the wood, it helps the ink to soak in.  I took a slightly damp cloth and quickly ran it over the box where I would place my graphic.  Not too wet, or your ink will run.
Next, I cut my wax paper just under the size of my printer paper (8-1/2 x 11) and taped the wax paper, wax side up to a piece of printer paper.  Remember to mirror image  your graphic before you begin so that it comes out the right way when you are finished.   For this project, I wanted my graphic larger than a regular piece of paper so I split my graphic in half and taped them together once they came out of the printer.  Notice this is a mirror image of my graphic.
You have to work quickly.   Once your image is in place you can not move it.  I placed my image on the box and taped the sides.  With my credit card (I also used a spoon) I quickly and firmly scraped the surface of the paper for about five minutes.  I also used a spoon as another tool to ensure I used enough pressure on the image transfer.
Lift the image transfer carefully.  There will still be ink on your graphic so lift straight up so that smearing does not occur.
I carefully went over my completed transfer with a tiny brush and some black paint, then sanded over the graphic for a distressed look.
I wanted to experiment on the other side of the box with a different graphic.  Below are a couple of photos of the opposite side of the box.  I lightly sprayed a clear top coat to bring out the wood as well as the graphic.
As you can see, the ink smeared a little on the bottom line of text.  My box was a little to wet but still looks great.
On this side, I did not use any paint, I love the way the graphic looks as old as the box.  Voila!  I hope you are inspired!