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“How can I enlarge an image so that I can use them on Furniture?”

There are a few ways of doing this… you can use Photoshop to enlarge the image, or you can use an Overhead Projector. If you don’t have Photoshop or a Projector, you can use a free online site called!

First go to

Proceed to Step 1: Click the “Browse” button and select your file and then click “Continue”.









Step 2: Decide how many sheets of paper you would like the image to be spread out on. (You can lay out blank pages on your project and see how many you would like to use, according to the size that you desire.). Then use the arrow keys to change the number of pages. And select Portrait or Landscape and you will see the measurements on the screen. When you like the size that you see, click continue.









Step 3: Click on “Click here to download…”.










Step 4: Print out your pages.  Now you have a large image that you can use for your transfer. (you can also make Posters for your walls too.)b5





Step 5: Here is a good tutorial from MyWonderfulWalls that will show you a technique for transferring the image onto your furniture piece, sign, wall or whatever your project is. The video shows the technique done on a wall, but just imagine it’s a piece of Furniture instead, and you’ll get the picture!

For transferring you will need:

1)Light colored Pastel Stick

2)Ball Point Pen

To Paint your letters you will need either:

1)A small round brush & some paint or 2)Paint Markers

After your done, you may want to seal your piece with your favorite clear sealer to protect it.

Voila!  A stunning custom design!


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