Whether I’m sanding, painting, decorating or planning, there comes a time when I must sit and write to create beautiful posts to share with you on my blog.  Today, I want to share my favorite place to write…my back porch!  I must be honest, I do everything and anything to distract me from ACTUALLY WRITING.

Here are a few techniques that inspire me to write!

Movies.  Sometimes, I’ll catch something so interesting that I’ll say, “That would make a great blog post!” or “I have to write that down!”

Friends.  Conversations with my friends and family have inspired some of my best posts. They stir up my ideas, and it can grow into a more creative take on how I write.

Nature.  Writers block? Go for a walk or a jog (by the way, you will never see me jogging). Get away from sidewalks and into grass, trees or a nature path.  Appreciate the beauty around you, and clear your mind.  The nature in my own back yard inspires me as well!

Free writing.  A really good way to help writing if you’re uninspired is to just start writing…anything, it doesn’t matter.  Don’t stop, don’t edit and especially, don’t think.  Just write and let it flow. You’ll end up with a lot of stuff you won’t use, probably, but it’ll help you get out of your rut and you might just end up writing some really interesting stuff among it all.

People watching. I’ve always loved people watching.  When I was about six years old, I remember my dad and I sitting on a bench watching people walk by. He would just make up completely random things as people would pass by and it was so much fun! He would say things like “that guy is thinking, I have to get to the store and buy pineapples.”  This is an interesting activity for any writer. Go to a busy public place and just sit and watch people. They’ll amuse you, inspire you, fascinate you. There’s nothing more inspiring than humanity.

I must give a big THANK YOU to my husband, Steve, for taking the time to proofread my blog posts!  He makes me look brilliant!

Write on, my friends…Write on.

Jeanne – The Practical Fanatic