While at my happy place, (Hobby Lobby) I was searching for something tall to go in my living room recessed shelving spaces.  Nothing too colorful or big. I found these amazing black metal candle holders that have a hand forged look to them.  I love the larger base and the way they taper up to a thin top with the candle holder on top of that.


These came in four to five heights, so I chose three that would fit perfectly in the top area of my shelving spaces.  The candle holders look great in groupings but also stand alone perfectly.

While I was in line to pay for these, the lady behind me commented about how stunning they are!

I absolutely love my candlestick holders!  I see that they are half off this week so I may grab a few for each side of my mantle.  They are truly timeless and I can never see these going out of style.

I hope you are inspired!

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic