When my sister Kelly lived in North Dakota, she learned how to can fruits and vegetables. She was hooked! Kelly said “That day, a monster was created, I think I canned everything I could can that year.”  She does such a beautiful job that I just had to blog about it so that you all could enjoy it as much as I am!  Today, she brought me all of these amazing canned jars of fruit.

Canning Fruit

We have blueberries, vanilla cherries, old fashioned Maraschino cherries, cinnamon amaretto peaches and red amaretto cherries.  What’s your fave?  Personally, I can’t wait to open the blueberries and pour them onto some pancakes!

vanilla cherries

Kelly put one red cherry in each jar.  What a great idea, Kelly!  Most of them are hiding but they really are in there!

I’m so proud to have my sister Kelly’s project be my first guest project post!  Here is Kelly’s canning story, in her own words:

I completely and utterly fell in love with canning, it’s my favorite hobby ever! I am older now and have a full time job.  My time is precious to me, the clock is ticking! I haven’t canned anything in several years, so when my younger sister, Jennifer, offered me use of her gardens this year, I was ecstatic. I was going to do some canning again and I couldn’t wait to start. Working at a Grocery store allows me to see the sweet colorful fruits arrive.  As they started to go on sale, I decided I was going to do some canning this year …and when I mean “some” I went gangbusters!

amaretto cherries

THE JARS   There are so many different shapes and sizes of jars out there , some from Ball and Kerr and various other companies. Some jars are even different colors, I’ve seen Green and Blue ones. Then of course there are the old Atlas and Ball jars from years ago, that are still good to use to this day. Just make sure all of your jars are clean and sterilized before you use them. Also make sure you are canning correctly. I bought a book on canning and preserving from Ball through Amazon. It was very helpful and it had a ton of different recipes.


JAMS & JELLIES   I started with jams and jellies and used some recipes I had but this time I decided to experiment a little bit and make some recipes of my own. I hope they taste great months from now! Sometimes its trial by error, but if it tastes good before it goes into the jar, most likely it will be great months from now. Raspberry Lemonade Jelly – Pina Colada Jam (with real coconut rum) Spiced Pineapple, just to name a few.


FRUIT   When the Cherries went on sale for a dollar a pound, I bought at least 10 pounds of them. You can’t get cherries for that price! The next day, the Rainier cherries went on sale for the same price, so I bought them too. Co workers thought I was crazy but wait until they get canned cherries for Christmas this year (they won’t think I was so crazy then). Blue berries, raspberries and peaches, oh my!


There is nothing like a Cold December or January day, when in the evening you open a can of your Cherries laced in Amaretto. The smells and tastes will take you back to that warm summer day when you canned them. This December I will remember the 90 degree temperatures and my son walking in, admiring my work saying “I can’t wait to have some, they look amazing” along with my husband walking into the kitchen with that grin on his face and “supervising”. I can’t wait to have that vanilla ice cream with the warmed up Rum Peaches, or that toasted Bagel with the Monkey Butter smeared on top.


I hope are inspired.

Kelly – The Practical Fanatic’s Big Sister