Cooking dinner…doorbell rings-dogs bark.  On an important call…doorbell rings-dogs bark.  Daughter sleeping…doorbell rings-dogs bark.

Enough!  It was time for a no soliciting sign for my front porch.  I didn’t want to just buy a generic no soliciting sign from Walmart, so when I saw the sign my niece Kristen recently made for her porch, I was truly inspired! I dusted off my Cricket and began cutting out my design. I love how the white letters stand out on the black paint. I changed the wording on my sign a bit and voila! Who would miss seeing this hanging beside my door?!

The white oval around on the outer part of the sign is white paint.  I carefully painted it on with a brush for a finished look.  I think it makes the sign “pop”.

My DIY No Soliciting Sign 

Kristen’s Sign (below)

So cute!  She is very talented.  We found Jesus, LOVE it!

I put my sign out and about a week later, a salesman for the cable company knocked!  He couldn’t have missed my sign!

Another sign I love is right here!

I Hope you are inspired!

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic