It’s back to school month and it couldn’t have come across this school cubbie at a better time. I could have used this years ago!  Lucky for me, a local preschool was selling some extra inventory and I was excited at the possibilities for this piece.

First thing that had to happen was some elbow grease and some goo-gone. There was velcro and who knows what other sticky substances on the cubbie needed to be removed. I applied goo-gone and got my handy five in one (a very handy tool) and scraped, scraped and scraped!

After the scraping was done, I wiped it down with mineral spirits. The goo-gone is oily and primer wouldn’t stick unless it was completely clean. I was excited to finally get down to business.

We have an eight year old, and the five-section cubbie seems like a bit overkill so I thought about cutting it down to only three sections. However, after considering the book bag, jacket, raincoat and outfits I could hang and all of the shoe storage in the bottom, it seemed that things would be a little more organized this year, so I left it as is.

I wanted to change everything about this cubbie, even down to the hooks. I painted them with an oil rubbed, bronze spray paint and let them dry overnight.

Okay now back to the cubbie! Time for the primer coat. Normally, I’d like to have loaded up my Wagner paint sprayer, but I’m not a big fan of cleaning the primer out of the sprayer. So this time, I opted for two spray cans of some good primer before applying paint.  Not too pretty yet but I’m starting to see my vision!

Although the original fiberboard back is still on the cubbie in this photo, I knew it needed to go. I chose to remove it and add shiplap to the back of this beauty. I painted the pieces and set them aside to dry.

Finally, I added the shiplap and hooks. I’m very excited about this updated cubbie and ready for a new school year!  Check out more of my many makeovers, and as always, I hope you are inspired!

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