Browsing at one of my favorite places, The Barn, I happened to be at the right place at the right time.  Found a two piece antique hutch.  Fell in love at a bargain price of  $40 for each piece.

This is the bottom piece.


…and the top piece.


I took the hardware off, and placed them in boiling water for a couple of hours to remove a few coats of paint.  Next, I ran a hand sander the front and sides to smooth it out a little before painting.

I really debated on the paint color for quite some time.  Many would have just left it as is.  Anyway, my initial thought was red…then light blue.  Finally, I settled on antique white.  It worked out great because after I painted the cabinet, I distressed it and the original light green paint shows through beautifully.


Here it is in my kitchen.  The height of the hutch is seven and a half feet!