I went to my favorite picking spot this morning at The Barn and picked up a few projects! I finished my first one today! I must have walked past this one a few times, carried it out to my van, then changed my mind and put it back.  Niki, owner of The Barn, made me a great deal on it for five bucks!  She told me that this chair had been sitting there for sale for a long time.  I don’t know how I missed it!


Painting fabric is a great way to change the look and add new life to an old piece.  Although I didn’t take photos during this project, all I did was paint!  I had a vision of exactly colors to use!  I got started using  interior Behr white paint for the seat and back of the chair and hot pink for the skirt.  This was my first painted fabric project, so I was a little leary at first.  I was concerned about the fabric becoming too stiff.  The fabric is still quite soft and comfortable to sit on.  My daughter loves it can calls it her princess chair.