Ever since our daughter was just a baby, we wanted her to know how much the little things meant to us as she was growing.  I found a little six by six book at Michael’s for three dollars, that had her first initial on the cover and ton of blank pages inside.  I keep it in my desk drawer, and anytime our daughter does or says something we never want to forget, my husband or I grab it and write it down.  Sometimes it may just be a sentence or two.  We will write in it for years, and we will give it to her on her sixteenth birthday as a keepsake for her to always treasure.


A six by six book with blank pages with our daughters first initial.  Totally at random,  here are a few pages…


Today you were standing in front of me and daddy and all of the sudden you yelled “Rock -n- Roll”!


You are a week from officially being two and a half.  You wear size six shoes, a size four diaper, size 2T clothes.  You love wearing sun glasses.


Your 4th birthday party was great!  Here’s who came – Mommie & Daddy, Grandma Barb & Grandpa John, Grandma Sue & Grandpa Michael, Uncle Mike, Aunt Beth and Sydney, Aunt Julie, Uncle Tim, Erica and Anna, Aunt Cindy, Emily and Allyson, Grandma Dorie, Aunt Sherri, Uncle Jim and Shayne! 🙂


I pretend to put makeup on you when I put my makeup on.  You love that!