My lilac bushes are in full bloom! I didn’t waste any time cutting them for a back porch arrangement..and the smell, oh how they smell – incredible! I wish they’d last longer, so in preparation for lilac season, I’m including tips for caring for cut lilacs, since the method is very different from caring for many other types of flowers.


Below is the advice from Doc Lilac on how to properly care for lilacs once they’ve been cut so they’ll last longer.

  1. Be sure you use sharp pruning scissors.
  2. Cut lilacs early in the morning or late in the day because mid-day heat will wilt them.
  3. As soon as you’ve cut them, immediately plunge the stems into lukewarm water that has  flower preservative in it.
  4. Take off all foliage.  If you leave the foliage on, the nutrients from the water will go to the leaves rather than the buds.
  5. If you want foliage, cut separate stems of leaves and place those in the water.
  6. If you move your flowers to another vase, re-cut the stems under water, if possible, and immediately move them to the vase filled with lukewarm water that has floral preservative in it.  The reason for cutting the stems under water is so that air bubbles don’t get into the stems, preventing them from getting the nutrients.

Enjoy your beautiful bouquet of fresh cut lilacs, I know I am!