My black kitchen table was due for a makeover, since I had just found the perfect chairs from my favorite picking spot, called The Barn.  I have also done a total makeover on the chairs as well, and you can see the post for that here!

The black table was just not going to do with the plans I had for the chairs, so away I went and began paint removing fun!  I removed the legs from the table and applied the paint stripper.


After removing and sanding down half of the table, I discovered the beautiful triangular inlay design underneath.


Finally, I got all of the paint removed and sanded the table top.  Who would paint such a beautiful piece!


I custom mixed a couple of stain colors I had on hand to create just the right shade I was looking for.  I painted the skirt of the table heirloom white, which I later also used on the chairs.


Voila!  The completed table makeover!  Be sure to check out my chair makeover as well, you don’t want to miss this!  I hope you are inspired!