Kings Island (Cincinnati, OH) was such an amazing place to visit as a kid.  We happened to visit while the Kings Island Grand Carnivale was happening!  It was as magical forty five years ago as it was last weekend!  My sister and I decided to take my daughter (10) and her grand daughter (8) to Kings Island Grand Carnivale to celebrate the Forth of July.  We were excited to have the

girls experience the park as we did at their age.

Jeanne and Woodstock

Walking through the front gates brought back all the memories for us.  The sounds, the fountains, small shops lining the main walkway and ohhh the tower!

Tower replica

Although I am terrified of heights, we all decided to go up to the top of the tower.  Once the elevator reached the top, I realized I needed to go back down, so rode the elevator back down and took a relaxing seat near the fountains.  My sister, Jennifer took my camera and got some great photos of the park.

view from tower

The Racers!

At about fifteen years old, I remember riding the racer roller coaster, over and over again.  Get off of the coaster and right back on I’d go.  However, there was no way I was getting on that coaster now.  My sister, Jennifer and my daughter, Riley went for it.   While in line, Riley looked at Jennifer and said, “what have I gotten myself into”.  She loved it, but didn’t want to ride it again.

We let the girls ride everything they wanted to ride and we all swam at Soak City.  After swimming, we took the train ride back into the park to eat and prepare for the Kings Island grand carnivale parade and fireworks.  They were amazing.

enjoying the parade carnivalle float grand carnivalle parade

Close to  midnight, we sat at the bottom of the tower which was beautifully lit up, while eating our funnel cakes.  It was so great to see Kings Island through our kids eyes.  We may just make it a Forth of July tradition!

Kings Island fireworks

Did you know that the Kings Island tower is a 1/3 size replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

kings island tower night

By the end of the night we had some very tired kids. We headed out four our two hour drive home.

I hope you enjoyed our trip review!

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic