I spy..

WHAT!  Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?  Could this be love at first sight with furniture?  If it is I’m head over heels!  My friend Niki sells items she finds out of her barn (called “The Barn” – look her up on facebook!).  I went to her barn in search of another project, when I spotted the two dressers, still packed into her truck from a truckload she just bought…talk about perfect timing!   I had bought the small and the medium dressers that were packed into the truck, but then spotted what looked like a cubby of some sort, behind the dressers, peeking out at me!  Needless to say I didn’t hesitate too long to decide to purchase it too.  I had looked for one of these gems for years, and there she was!

After dragging it out of the truck, I got a much better look!

Original find

Once I got it home, I took the paper tags that were nailed onto the fronts of several of the cubby holes and cleaned off many layers of dirt.  Here is what I found in some of the cubbies!  Something tells me that the cubby was used in a mom and pop hardware store and it held plumbing pieces, nuts and bolts.

Junk Pulled Out

I was debating on whether or not to paint the cubby and distress it, or leave it natural so I decided to go ahead and sand it down to see exactly how it looked before I decided.  Ready for sanding!

Ready for sanding

I’m very pleased with the way it looks after sanding, and since I paint and distress most pieces in my home, I felt like keeping this piece natural would warm up the space a bit.

Sanded and ready

Now I have to decide what I will put in it!  So many little cubbies; so many little possibilities!