Some girls dream of shoes …diamonds …flowers.  I dream of antique furniture!   For years, I had looked for an antique church pew and had something specific in mind.   I wanted to fill a seven foot space just inside my front door.  This is the space where book bags, coats or shopping bags get thrown down as we walk in the door.  Every now and then I’d check the selling walls in search of one.  I came across this church pew and was very excited to contact the seller!  I got a crazy good deal on this six foot solid oak antique church pew and bought it for $75.00!

church pew

This was the bench I’d looked for -for years!  It fits perfect just inside my front door.  Look at the detail and the curves on this beauty.

church pew

The detail on this bench is incredible.  Luckily, there was not much that needed to be done to the pew.  I wiped it down with mineral oil and took out a random screw from the top end that had no purpose being there.  Other than that, this bench is a gem!  I still can’t believe the deal I got on it.    church pew

The seller said that the bench came from an old church in Columbus, Ohio which is about 30 miles west of me.  I wish I knew more about the story behind this amazing piece.  For years and years, hundreds of people sat on this pew, praying and worshiping.  church pew

With a couple of pillows and a throw blanket, this antique church pew now has a new home.  It’s great to sit and put on shoes or take them off when we come in the door.  Each holiday, I change the pillows and throw blanket and just have fun with the pew

I’d say this was truly a SCORE!  church pewCan you tell I am in love with this piece?  I hope you are inspired!

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic