Home Office Makeover

Amy at The Blissful Bee created an incredible work space that doesn’t feel like an office and you feel like you never leave the house. (I can certainly relate!!) So she decided to make her home office a defined space to give herself a separate place to escape to while she works.

Amy and her husband both work from home, right across from each other so they needed a very large desk. It actually worked out perfectly because they were able to use their massive dining table from their old house as their “new” desk.   Because the table is much deeper than most desks, it allows for both Amy and her husband to have leg room without bumping into each other, and it also allows for plenty of computer room.

Amy used several vintage pieces as storage, and additional storage is important since they live in a 1940′s home with less than 1,000 square feet.

Her home office is now a great cozy space to work.

via Home Office Makeover.