I start off with all of my home renovation posts, that the “before” photos are ones that I took the first time walking through the house with the realtor.   All of my renovations are done on a very tight budget.  Pictured below is the hallway nook area that leads to the bedrooms.   The whole house was either beige or darker beige.

Hallway Nook “before”

hallway nook

Adding some warmth

With the hallways and trim now painted white, I felt that this little area would be a good place to add some warmth.  I bought some inexpensive sticky floor tiles and stuck them onto the back wall of the nook.  I secured them with some small finish nails.

I found this mirror years ago and had never used it.  The reflection in the hallway makes the nook feel more open.  The dresser fit perfectly and I’m still looking for the perfect little lamp for the dresser.


Old Keys

My sister, Jennifer gave me some old keys and I put them in a little terra cotta dish on top of the dresser.


The keys are the real deal!  Oh to think what they must have opened.


The Nook

Voila!  For about twenty dollars and a little time and effort, I was able to change the look of the nook!  To the right of this room is the master closet/office makeover.  Check it out!


I hope you are inspired.

Jeanne Marie, –The Practical Fanatic