I’m a girl that loves typography and vintage graphics and using them for a furniture makeover is just the ticket. I recently gave an old storage cabinet a French Typography Makeover and I will show you how I did it!

At first glance, you can see that my cabinet was in need of a creative makeover!

original cabinet


Now, onto the makeover…a little sanding and paint for starters.

While the paint was drying I was preparing my French typography graphic.

I tile-printed the large 18×24 graphic (nine separate pages), taped them together and attached it to my furniture piece to get an idea of how it would look and fit. (Optional step)

Now, at this point, I would normally print the graphic onto an 8.5×11 transfer sheet, project the graphic to the furniture, trace with a water color pencil and hand paint using a script liner brush. But, I didn’t do that! I decided to print the graphic onto the transfer sheets using the tile-print method described above. Please note, in order to use this method, you’ll need to print the graphic in reverse or mirror image so it transfers correctly. I then taped the pages together very CAREFULLY so I didn’t smudge the wet ink and used painters tape to attach it directly to the cabinet, ink side down!

Never having previously used this technique, I was about to find out if the ink would transfer directly to my cabinet. What’s the worst that could happen? Paint over it and start all over!

I used a credit card to scrape over the transfer sheets using a good bit of pressure. I wasn’t in a huge hurry because the ink remains wet for a long time on transfer sheets.

Slowly, I peeled it all away and the beautiful graphic appeared on my cabinet as if it had been there for years with the faded and aged look.

A little closer…

I was amazed at the results. The graphic had that naturally-aged look I was going for and I didn’t even have to sand it! I was able to skip the water color pencil transfer and hand painting which saved me loads of time. At this point, I am able to breathe again…it worked!


At this point I decided to add an unexpected pop of color to this little beauty. Since the graphic was a vintage perfume advertisement, I knew hot pink was perfect! Ooo La La!

Finally, I added some vintage black handles to complete the makeover. I can see this cabinet in a little bathroom for towels or toilet paper storage.


Since my home is not big enough to keep all of my makeover projects, from time to time I will sell them locally, directly from my blog.  Check out my “shop” link for availability…they don’t last long!

I hope you are inspired!

Thanks for stopping by.

Jeanne – The Practical Fanatic