I’d been stalking every local thrift and used furniture store looking for a perfectly sized, unpainted wood dresser to get my hands on to transform. It finally happened…I found this piece last fall and stored it in my garage. Last week, I got inspired and decided it was time to begin my vision on this beauty.


My plan was to keep the top of the dresser unpainted. There were several stains, so I began sanding.


I didn’t get all of the water stains out, so I applied a dark walnut stain that made any water marks left disappear! Voila! (never let a water-damaged piece of furniture discourage you).


After applying a thin layer of satin poly for some added protection, I’m very happy with the result!


Now I could get down to business with the painting! Over the years I have found not to skimp on paint quality. I buy a lot of paint in the quart size, and only purchase Behr brand with all-in-one paint & primer. It’s never failed me..why mess with a good thing?!

For this piece I used my “go to” color, heirloom white. I knew I wanted to go with the aged look and thought I would try crème wax for the effect. However, after testing it on a small area, I decided I could get the same results (and save a few bucks) by going with the old faithful approach of applying the stain I already had over the paint.


So far I am LOVING it! The process of transforming something ugly into something beautiful is very rewarding. Someone once said “sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” and that is so true for me when it comes to my makeovers!


Now for the good stuff! I brought the dresser inside for the last step – the graphic! There are many techniques used to apply a graphic to wood. I decided to use the projector method for this project particularly because the large font style on this graphic made it easier to paint by hand. Ready? Here we go!


With the graphic in place on the projector, I adjusted it to reflect onto the dresser exactly where I wanted it and taped it in place (make sure you have your tape handy for this step).


Before I began hand painting, I got comfortable and turned on some 80’s rock…

Now the real magic happens.


Half way through it was time for a pic…and a break. While working on this step, I wasn’t too worried about the look of the graphic. When this was all done and dry, I lightly sanded over the graphic. The sanding step will even out any high paint marks, clumps, etc. while giving it the aged look.


After the graphic was lightly sanded, I used the furniture stain I had on hand, rubbing it on and rubbing it off to get just the right look.


Lastly, I grabbed a cold drink and sat down a while to admire my masterpiece!


I still need to add handles, but that may take some time to find the perfect ones.

Voila! Finally, we have a place to store our puzzles and games!


I hope you are inspired!