My new back yard was a blank canvas, so I made a list of what I wanted to grow.   I’ve never grown peony’s but they truly are one of my favorites.  The are pretty much a low-maintenance plant that settles into the garden for the long haul.   This is a good thing, because I typically would dig a hole and plop it down in, water, and forget about it.  I decided I had better do a little research on these pretties so that I could enjoy them for years.

I bought five of these Immaculee Peony’s pictured below.  I also posted a photo of the tag that was attached to them.  I just love the frey’d edges in the middles.  These just bloomed and are small now, but I expect full blown, heavy blooms next spring.

Immaculee Peony’s

white peonys

I remember my grandmother had beautiful giant white peony’s beside her house.  These plants bring back some childhood memories!

Pink Lady Anna Peony’s

These pink Lady Anna peony’s caught my eye as well, so I also picked up a few of them.  After all, if you’re going to grown peony’s you have to have some pink ones.

Make sure to plant the peony’s in the morning sun so that they get some shade mid-day.  I mixed some organic matter into the soil and planted white and pink peony’s against my fence line.  Next year, I hope I have a large Peony hedge.

peony fenceline

A Peony bloom can easily bend a stem to the ground, especially when wet. I will need to place an open hoop-type or grow-through peony supports that the plant will grow into.Next spring, these beautiful plants will be bursting with blooms!

I hope you are inspired.

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic