My daughter and I decided to make our own whimsical fairy garden.  We discovered an endless opportunity for customization and make-believe.

Even the least crafty of us can put together a fairy garden that entertains and enchants all who happen by.  We put together our fairy garden project in just an afternoon and it’s relatively inexpensive to build.

We started with a bird bath and filled it up with dirt.


Next, we added our fairy house and created a stream by using blue colored glass stones.  We thought that having a stream would mean we’d need a bridge to go over it for sure!


Our little turtle was a must!  My daughter wanted him near the water stream.


We added a stone walkway through the garden with tiny wood “stepping stones” and started accessorizing.


Every garden must have a gnome!  We found this one on a swing attached to an arch at Big Lots for $6 and we couldn’t resist.


Fairies are a must, of course.  We found our fairies and our succulent greenery at Hobby Lobby.


Voila!  Our sweet little fairy garden will be enjoyed all summer long.

These steps will help you get started:

  1. Choose the fairy house.  Log cabin? Tent? Birdhouse? Hobbit house? Choosing the fairy’s house sets the theme for the rest of your garden. Imagination is key! If your child wants a teepee for his fairies and pine trees on the lawn instead of a water stream, just say yes.
  2. Map it out.  Before setting up your garden,  its fun to position items around the container to get a feel for where things will go, especially when working with a small area. You will see whether you have too few or too many items.
  3. Location.  If you are using live plantings, plant what thrives in your area. Think about where your container will be placed.  Will it have full sun all day, or will it be a bit damp and shaded?
  4. Accessorize! This is where the fun really begins!  You can really make your fairy garden special by personalizing what your child brings to it.  Imagination is key!
  5. Choose your container.  We chose to reuse something we already had and went with a bird bath but you can choose anything from an old pot, wash bin, to a hanging basket. There are many options, so consider what size works best for your space.

We found many of our items at Hobby Lobby and Big Lots. Hobby Lobby has an entire section just for home made gardens like ours. We took our time and made some great memories creating our fairy garden together. It’s magical and relaxing every time we pass by it.

I hope you are inspired!