After looking around for a dollhouse for my daughter, all I could find were the barbie sized dollhouses that were pretty expensive. I couldn’t find a large dollhouse that would accommodate the size of the American Girl doll and the accessories so I decided to make one.

The photos of the dollhouse are not the greatest.  I took them on a cheap flip phone at the time.

First, I sketched out my design and decided to go big!

The dollhouse is made of 3/4 inch plywood.  The sides are 4 1/2 foot tall and the dollhouse is 7 1/2 at the peak of the roof.  It is 4 foot wide.


The dollhouse was built from the bottom up.  Starting with the floor piece first then the sides, middle vertical pieces and then the second horizontal floor.  I cut out 8×10 windows that I’d later add trim to.   I attached everything using wood glue and a Kreig Jig pocket hole tool.

I attached the back to this up to to top of the sides.  I didn’t get a photo of the back attached.


I wanted the pitch of the roof to be tall.  I made this roof section a separate piece for easier moving and handling.  The roof has its own back attached that helps to support it.  I added 1×2 trim to the inside side of each of the roof pieces and those allow the roof to sit on the sides of the house.  This makes it so easy to remove the roof and move the dollhouse around when needed.  The back of the roof lines up with the top floor so that it all looks like one piece on the back side.

Trim was added around each window with a nail gun and wood glue.  Next I added the cedar shingles to the roof.


The cedar shingles came in a bundle and they were attached with wood glue and small screws.  The outside was painted light pink.


The door cutouts are big enough for an American Girl doll to walk through.

After painting the inside white, craft paper from Hobby Lobby as used as wallpaper in the rooms.  I attached the paper with glue dots.



A bar brace in the center of the top of the roof helps support it.  I added a small piece of wood so that a light could be attached.

I found the “dream” sticker at a craft store.


We have all kinds of furniture for the dollhouse, but this photo was taken shortly after we moved, so most of it was still packed up.

Shelf paper was used for the wood flooring look.

In the photo below, you can see the switch attached to the outside of that house that controls the five lights.


The curtain rods are made out of dow rods and I sewed some cute curtains from some fabric remnants.  Wireless light pucks were added to the ceiling of each room and glued some blingy trim around each light.


A small blue chandelier finishes it off.  She loves it!


I hope you are inspired!

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic