While out junking at the local Goodwill last week, I came across this solid oak table leaning up against the wall in the furniture section of the store.  The chunky table legs caught my attention.  Notice the beautiful rope design that goes around the skirt of the table.  They had just put the table out for sale minutes before I walked in. As I looked closer at the price tag, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  $12.99 – yep!  There was a note attached to it that said that one of the pieces of wood underneath the table that the leg bolts to was split.  Easy fix!

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The solid oak table measures 40 inches by 60 inches and came with an 18 inch leaf.  This is a very heavy table!   I took it home and repaired the split piece of wood underneath with two flat pieces of metal.  The table had a coat of white paint on it that had been brushed on.  There were brush marks everywhere so I decided to strip the paint off of the entire table top.  After using paint stripper, I sanded it all down then painted it with premium Behr paint in the color Blackout with a satin sheen.  I put four coats of satin polyurethane on the table, sanding between each coat.

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Love my new dining room table!  One of my best finds.  I hope you are inspired!