My daughters books began taking over her room.  We needed a creative way to display her favorites and encourage reading, so I created a “book nook” in a corner of the room.  She approves!

Below is a tutorial from a blog I found that inspired me to create my own bookshelves.








This was posted by another mom that realized her daughter really needed some more room for her books.

This was her first project, but it turned out better than she expected.









Primed MDF strips were used which cost a little more, but well worth it.

A bead of wood glue along the edges to be nailed and held it for a few seconds.  It offers some support while being nailed together.







After painting, they were screwed into studs on her wall.

Supplys used:

8 feet, 1×6 (three shelves at @ 27” each)

8 feet 1×4

8 feet 1×2

Wood Glue

Nails/nail gun, paint

via DIY Bookshelves.