What started as a South Carolina woman’s cure for quarantine-induced boredom has picked up followers from coast to coast.

Rebeka Ratliff, of Chesterfield County, took to Facebook nearly a month ago and proposed a new game to her friends — sneak over to each others houses, leave a bottle of wine or booze on the doorstep, ding the doorbell, flee, and try to guess who left what.

Adding a grown-up twist to the classic childhood prank has resonated with many, Ratliff said. (credit-  Miami Herold)

And that is how it all began.

Below are the five baskets I put together for the five fabulous ladies I planned to “wine”.

I live in Ohio and about two months ago, I came upon a Facebook group called “You’ve Been Wined” (and my county name).   Curious, I immediately joined, sign me up!  Today there are over 3500 members and growing.


As the Corona virus has everyone staying home more, the Ding Dong Ditch, alcohol style, grew a lot of interest in many states across the country.  It’s a selfless way to give to someone, let someone know you are thinking of them, or even if it’s surprising a stranger.


The game has really taken off.  Some people wine once and some (like me) wine multiples!  The way my local Facebook group works is they encourage you to post a photo and a little blurb about yourself on the group page, including beverages and things you like to snack on, etc. along with anything you want to say about yourself, including your address.  That’s the gist of it.  Different groups will provide their own set of rules and they way they organize the “wined” or “not wined” people.


Once I was accepted into my local group, I posted a photo and said that I hadn’t been wined yet, along with some deets of some wines I like and a little about me.  Wouldn’t you know it, just a few days later I was in bed around 10:30 p.m. and my doorbell rings!  Thinking this was an odd time for someone to be at my home, I looked out the front door and a car was quickly leaving my driveway.  I looked down and OMG I had just been wined!  In my gift bag, I received a bottle of sweet wine, snacks, a really neat beverage cup and a few other cute items.  It touched me that a total stranger would take the time and give from the heart.  (It wasn’t an easy time for me).


I was now hooked.  Now anyone who knows me knows I go big or go home!  Soooo…over the next few days I started planning my ding-dong-ditch wine baskets!  I made these five baskets below.  At first, I thought about wining strangers, but I’d already knew five amazing girls that I wanted to surprise, so that’s what I did!


I went with a pink color theme and pink wine, of course.  I did not take a photo of everything I put into these baskets, but I included wine (one got boozed) a beverage container, flavored water, laffy taffy, smarty smoothies, Chicka Pop popcorn, candy bars, pink straws, pink hand soap, pink pinwheels, kettle corn, a cute binder, face masks…and other little odds and ends.


My friend Cindy’s basket (below)

My sister, Jennifer’s basket (below)

Below is Michelle, a friend that I “wined” with her basket!  Her basket included several gluten free items and a couple of items for her younger daughter too.  Michelle was the first one on my route to wine.  My daughter, Riley was with me and man did we have fun!  We pulled into Michelle’s driveway wondering…are we going to get caught?  Ok, Riley let’s be really super quick, like ninjas!  It was raining that day but we laughed all the way up to the doorstep, rang the doorbell and got out (kinda) quick!  We ding dong ditched, but I did notice her ring camera and I’m sure if she watched that recording, she got a big laugh too!
Below are some other “You’ve Been Wined” gift baskets/bags that others on my local group have either given or received!
I hope you are inspired!  Now go wine someone! 🙂
Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic