Last summer I finally decided enough was enough and it was time to break out the power tools and get a door installed.

I started out with a perfectly good shed, except for one thing.. the only entry way in and out was to lift open the large garage style overhead sliding door on the end of the shed. Don’t get me wrong, I like the big overhead but it’s just not practical.

You can see the large garage overhead door opening on the right end in the photo below.

shed door

At this point I’m wondering if exterior doors are pretty much the same as installing an interior door and the answer to that is yes, almost exactly the same.

Off to Lowe’s I go to get the door! I wanted this door with the nine small windows to let some light in.

The new door

shed door


My first thought was to put the door in the center so that I could add a small window on either side of the door.  The
the main support beams of the shed were directly in the way of my plan! The door had to go on one side or the other of that main support beam, so I decided to install the door to the left side.  I will add a window to the right of the beam this summer.

Door Placement

shed door

My sister, Jennifer, was all in on helping me with this project. She’s always up for something! We gathered the tools we needed and dusted off the saw zaw. If you have never used a saw zaw then you are missing out!

The long white thing laying on the ground is the L channel that will trim the outside of the door in our last step of the install.

Did somebody say sawzall?

shed door

From inside the shed, we marked where we needed to cut the opening according to the door frame measurements and quickly sawed through the wall and siding. We built extra bracing to hold the door frame in place and added a header.

A hole in one!

shed door

That’s my sister, Jennifer 🙂

shed door

Installing the door was the easiest part of this project. Once the framing was in place, we set the door into place and screwed it in. It was basically that simple. We added the new hardware and made sure everything opened and closed smoothly then added the L channel and trim.

We planted three purple rose bushes then sat back, sipped some iced tea and admired our work!


This summer I plan on painting the door and trim and pouring a small concrete pad and add a window to the right side.  I will update this post as I get into that project!   I did a lot of back yard landscape last summer!  Check it out here!

shed door

I hope you are inspired!

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic