Pictured below is the photo I took while walking through the house with the realtor for the first time (as all of my “before” demo pics are).  All of the rooms in the house were either beige or darker beige.  This closet is roughly eight by ten foot.  I only have this one photo of this room before doing the makeover on it.  I took all of the clothing racks down and filled the holes they left then painted the room and trim white.  The carpet was ripped out and new flooring went down.


closet before

The Chandelier!

About a year ago, I won this chandelier (pictured below) on an auction site for ten bucks!  After wiring it up, it was obvious this room was going to be white, pink and sparkly!



Three inexpensive shelving units from Walmart fit nicely across the back wall.  To cover the gaps between the shelving units, across the top and down each side, I used four pieces of two inch white trim, cut to size for a finished look.


Shelves with completed trim


Pictured below are the shelving units with the trim completed.  My shelves are a little junked up because I was still trying to organize them!

closet makeover

This little office makes me happy.  It’s light, sparkly and a beautiful place to work on my blog after everyone goes to bed!

Want to see another amazing makeover of the sitting room?  You can see it right here!

closet makeover

Any room I makeover, I do with a very small budget.  This room was no exception.  I got the cabinet from my mom’s (free), the mirror was $15 (90%) off, the chandelier was $10, the three tall shelving units were $18 each, the white storage boxes were half off at Hobby Lobby $3 each, the white chair was $25 at a consignment store and the rug was half off at Wayfair for $80.  Check out the mirror and cabinet makeover here!

I hope you are inspired!

Jeanne Marie – The Practical Fanatic