Hello! I designed a fall themed birthday cake using her birthday party invitation, featuring a simple idea and method for creating an autumn themed cake that is as colorful and unique. By changing the leaf colors, this design would fit any fall occasion. I hope you enjoy it!

First, my finished cake!


Here is the invitation for my cake inspiration!


Let’s get started!  First, I baked and frosted  my vanilla cake.  Next, I found created a tree template from a photograph I found online and printed it out.


Next, I placed wax paper over the tree printout and melted a couple of ounces of chocolate in a piping bag.  Carefully, I traced the trees and set them aside to harden.


Now the fun part…creating the chocolate leaves!  In this step you will use a piece of parchment paper to create a row of chocolate “dots”.  First, melt each color you choose in it’s own piping bag.  For my theme, I chose pink, orange and lime green.


Snip off the tips of the piping bags to get started.   During this process, if your chocolate firms up you can microwave it again for a few seconds to melt it again.  I worked quickly to create the dots so that the chocolate didn’t firm up on me.  I piped eight to ten dots at a time using two colors per dot.


In this step, I used a butter knife (you can use a spoon or a number of tools in this step) Quickly, place your knife into one side of the chocolate dot and smear it, dragging the chocolate into a point.  They may not look much like leaves at this point, but they will!  You can place them in the freezer for five minutes to harden them up quickly.


With my chocolate leaves, trees, hand made deer and other chocolate pieces I created from chocolate molds earlier, I am ready to assemble my chocolate creations onto the cake!  I was not able to snap a photo or two of the next couple of steps because I had to work quickly but here is how I proceeded…

First, I placed the chocolate trees I created earlier on all four sides of the cake.  They stick right onto the butter cream nicely.  I bent some of the branches down so that they would lay on top of the cake and left some standing upright.  If you have chocolate branches that break, that’s okay.  Just place them on top of the cake to create a branch from another branch.  When you go to place the chocolate leaves onto the trees, you want to make sure they are cold.  The heat from your hands will melt them quick.  I used pink butter cream as the glue to hold the leaves onto the trees.  I also placed some of the leaves directly into the butter cream around the trees.  The more leaves you put on, the fuller it will look.


Finally, I places a few “fallen” leaves near the base of the trees. Voila!  The butter cream I used inside the cake between the three layers is orange, for a little surprise when cutting the cake!