Apothecary jars can add a fun decorative element to your home. While they aren’t at all new in the home decor marketplace, lately I’ve been seeing more and more of them in unique shapes and sizes. They are incredibly versatile – you can use them in almost any room of your home and can change around what they hold to continually create new looks.

One of my favorite uses of apothecary jars is in the bathroom where they can hold soaps, sponges, or bath salts by the tub.

While searching for apothecary jars, I found these charming realistic Robin’s egg soaps!

They are very realistic and have the same sky blue color as a true Robin’s egg.  They are sold by the box and I also found them settled into a nest of crinkled paper within a useful glass apothecary jar.


Realistic speckles dusted over the shells are not simply for show.  According to their description, they’re gentle exfoliating inclusions of oatmeal and wheat bran.  A vegetable-based formula with the innocent, springlike fragrance of meadow sweet and chamomile.

They can be found at Barnes & Noble, and Bliss Home & Design.  Now, I must place my order!